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Announcement Membership Upgrading Direction / Tutorial

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Membership Packages: https://legendadult.xyz/threads/registration-membership.4/

Acceptable Unit Currencies: RMB, USD, Cryptocurrency

Acceptable Payment Gateways
  1. Directly via https://legendadult.xyz/account/upgrades with cryptocurrencies
  2. Payeer - P20840682
  3. AliPay - [email protected]
  4. BTC - 3PQpcLyxG4ovMHez8DEhk4ZH3qvVq8bzKh
  5. LTC - MWGKB9N8jHUH2DgvUnydA92c1E6hzpCryU
  6. ETH - 0xC3F199bB685bF0D5Ac33586d8f6F0161ed286d47
  7. USDT - 18XQGXSz8Kg2x4TRzeg6d7irypzFvXLLQ3 / 0xC3F199bB685bF0D5Ac33586d8f6F0161ed286d47
  8. BCH - bitcoincash:qzm6ajcr7frc9v9h4uwh0gfx4djzu8zzz5caext26l
Tutorial for Payeer
  1. Choose a payment gateway & purchase with note: Username - Membership Package Example: LegendAdult - Diamond
  2. Take a screenshot for your complete transaction & send us via fanpage: http://fb.com/LegendAdult
  3. Enjoy your membership
  • Only currencies & payment gateways are acceptable
  • No screenshot, no upgrable
  • No refund after purchased
  • Don't think about scamming us :) Nothing will be executed
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For some issues we removed PayPal method, the primary payment gateway now is Cyptocurrency & Payeer. If anyone else still wanna pay via PayPal, send us a message on Telegram, Facebook or private conversation on forum
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